Wet Rock Police is a site developed for the purpose of informing, not policing (as the name might imply). There are no, and will never be, plans to create any form of monitization on this website. Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions; if you have further questions, complaints, or requests feel free to email me at gmercer015@gmail.com

  • Where is the precipitation data coming from?
  • Precipitation data is pulled from a rain gauge at the National Weather Service E1734 Chatsworth station. This station is ¾ of a mile due east of Boulder 1. Data is updated hourly, and supplied by Synoptic Labs.
  • Can I trust Wet Rock Police to always show accurate weather information?
  • Theoretically, yes. In reality, weather is a difficult thing to track and generalize. One should use their best judgement in determining whether the information shown on the landing page is both accurate and relevant to their climbing destination. If you aren't sure if it rained, you may want to use other additional resources beyond this site such as a radar map or visit the SoCal Climbing facebook group.
  • Where can I climb if it rained?
  • Southern California has plentiful climbing with many crags safe after rain. A few of the most popular climbing areas in the region are listed on the Rainy Day Crags page.